The company's general manager Yu Changming has participated in the supervision and inspection of the No. 1 nuclear island containment in China's first Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station.



The company has participated in Yanshan Petrochemical's 10 million tons of renovation and expansion projects, Yanshan Petrochemical's 2007 spring overhaul, Dongfang Chemical Plant's overhaul, Qingdao's oil refinery installation project, West-East Gas Pipeline Yu-Ji Line pipeline, Beijing Municipal Pipeline, Hohhot Non-destructive testing for installation projects such as heat pipe network, Hailar heat pipe network, Linhe heat pipe network; provide professional non-destructive testing for large-scale power generation equipment manufacturing of Beijing Beizhong Steam Turbine Electric Co., Ltd. Non-destructive testing of steel structures such as Olympic venues, Beijing International Trade Building, Tianjin Jinta;