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NDT Welding Inspector

Salary range:

Face to face

Minimum education:


Number of recruits:


Education requirements:

1. Technical secondary school or above (college or undergraduate education preferred)


1. NDT or mechanical, welding, electromechanical and other related disciplines;

2. NDT professional qualification certificate or experience in this field is preferred.

Personal conditions:

1. Age 18-35 (including fresh graduates) Male preferred;

2. Good quality, good health (with physical examination certificate), able to work hard and adapt to work outside;

3. Have the sense of organization and discipline, self-motivated and self-cultivation and learning awareness, and constantly improve their own technical level.

Job requirements

Position: nondestructive tester


Engaged in NDT of pipeline, special equipment, steel structure and other projects.

1. To be engaged in the inspection of corresponding items within the scope of appointment and qualification certificate of the company;

2. Implement the relevant provisions of the quality system documents and be responsible for the quality of the inspection work undertaken;

3. Be responsible for the completeness, authenticity and correctness of the original records submitted and the authenticity and correctness of the inspection report or inspection data issued;

4. Be familiar with the performance of the instrument and equipment, use the inspection instrument and equipment correctly and fill in the equipment use record skillfully;

5. Observe the regulations on safety management and safety protection of inspection site;

6. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.

Salary treatment

1. The salary of the current student during the probation period is 1800 yuan;

2. The probation period of the company is three months. After the probation period expires, the company signs a labor contract after employment. The salary is increased on the basis of the original salary, and a certain year-end bonus will be given for the comprehensive evaluation at the end of the year;

3. The company provides free accommodation and self-care.